Phylogenetic analysis software

Bosque is a distributed software environment oriented to manage the computational resources involved in typical phylogenetic analyses. Bosque has been implemented as a client-server application where the server can execute installed phylogenetic programs (Phylip, PhyML, TreePuzzle, Muscle) and the client manages the results on a local relational database, although it can also execute phylogenetic programs locally, useful when no server is available. The client also performs the graphical visualisation and edition of trees and alignments, providing an environment for the analyses, from the integration of sequences to the printing of a final tree. Currently we are updating Bosque for new platforms. Stay tuned.

How to cite

Ramírez-Flandes, S., & Ulloa, O. (2008). Bosque: integrated phylogenetic analysis software. Bioinformatics, 24(21), 2539-2541.