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Current version: 2.0.2
Last release: 2016-05-25
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Bosque is a distributed software environment oriented to manage the computational resources involved in typical phylogenetic analyses. Bosque has been implemented as a desktop application which manages sequence datasets and alignments. It can align using Mafft and build tree using Fasttree, PhyML and Mr.Bayes. Bosque also performs the graphical visualisation and edition of trees and alignments, providing an environment for the analyses, from the integration of sequences to the printing of a final tree.


  • Load sequences and alignment from FASTA files
  • Alignment using MAFFT
  • Highlight functional domains on alignments
  • Advanced interactive edition of trees
  • Export trees to PNG and SVG image formats


Ramírez-Flandes, S., & Ulloa, O. (2008). Bosque: integrated phylogenetic analysis software. Bioinformatics, 24(21), 2539-2541.


Alignment view Alignment fit to view Preview of a tree Preview o a circular tree A circular tree in edition mode



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